Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Napa Valley Birthday

Napa was gorgeous this weekend.  We had such an amazing time celebrating a friends 30th birthday.  We rented a bus which was not at all as expensive as I thought it would be.  I would definitely recommend to anyone going with a group.  No driving and wine tasting, please!

We first went to Grgich Hill Winery (I have no idea how to pronounce it, they said it quite a few times obviously, but that was early in the day with lots of delicious alcoholic beverages to follow).  The tasting room was built on to the barrel room which was kinda cool to see.  The wines were quite good as well.

Alpha Omega was our next stop, and my favorite by far.  They have a huge outdoor patio with grouped seating areas with couches and fire pits.  Most of the outdoor furniture was Restoration Hardware, so I may have been a bit partial as well. :)  After our tasting with Jim, (awesome!), we moved over to the picnic area and shared sub sandwiches from Genova's Deli, a definite must-eat-here!  Oh, and the wine, I almost forgot! I had heard that the wine was just pretty good.  But I really thought they had quite a few really good bottles.  They had one that smelled like buttered popcorn, which I know, I know, probably doesn't sound very appetizing but was delicious!

here's our birthday girl

Our third stop was Regusci Winery.  I'm always so amazed by how beautiful Napa and Sonoma counties are.  I can't believe they're right in my backyard.  Regusci didn't disappoint.  They had just finished the patio with long picnic tables over looking the vineyards.  A lab named Berkeley wandered over from another table to visit us.  I've always loved that so many wineries welcome dogs.  I think it really adds to the relaxing vibe.  It makes me want to sit in the sun, have a glass a wine, gaze out to the vineyards and stay awhile.

Our last stop was Mumm, in perfect celebration of our birthday girl.  Words cannot express how much I adore Champagne. Now I know we weren't in France, so technically we were drinking sparkling wine, but that's a mouthful.  The word 'champagne" just rolls off the tongue so easily.  I love the bubbles.  I love the celebratory feelings it evokes no what when or why you're drinking it. I love sharing a bottle with friends.  I love that it goes so perfectly with just about every delicious bite of food.  I love that it's perfect for brunch.  I love Champagne Thursdays.  I dare anyone to pop a bottle of champagne, pour themselves a glass, sit down and try to be unhappy.  It's impossible.  I can't help but smile when someone hands me a glass.
{I may have been a bit too happy to snap a photo while we were there, but a pretty one of the vineyards should hopefully suffice.}


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  1. Happy belated birthday! Seems like such a nice time! And what a gorgeous setting. Napa is one of my most favorite places!


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