Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nike Women's

I am so excited!  I checked my email this morning and this is what I saw:
I got picked to run it again this year!  Apparently thousands of people apply and even with over 20,000 spots there are still people who don't get in.  

Let me just clarify I will be running the HALF-marathon, not the full 26.2 mile marathon. Last year when my girlfriend and I got to the point where the marathoners and half-marathoners split, I told her that I would probably have started crying at that moment had I signed up for the full-marathon.  And that she could never ever let me sign up for a full.

Last year when the time came to register for the NWM, I jumped at the chance.  But then with a few knee issues, busy-ness at work, and pure laziness I didn't train - like didn't train at all.  As in, I ran 3 miles one day, 4 months before the race and that was it.  Let me tell you, that's not how you train for a 13.1 mile run.

Around mile 6, my knee started bothering me.  Around mile 10 my right hip completely stopped working and I had to limp, yes limp.  I limped for 3 miles and then as soon as we saw the finish line I sprinted just so it could be done. 

It sounds awful, but I promise it wasn't.  It was amazing.  The run is gorgeous - downtown San Francisco, down Embarcadero, through the Presidio and ending at the beach, with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and thousands of people running with you and encouraging you on.  There's so much positive energy in the city that day.

Last year my goal was to finish.  This year my goal is to train and finish.  :)

I am planning on using Hal Higdon's Beginner Program, although I'd love recommendations as well!

Starting line of last years race (Union Square):
Those are sunglasses on my head, the light makes it look like there aren't any lens. And I have no idea who the person on the far right is with the sunglasses on. I guess she wanted to be in our photo.

 Halfway point:


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Small Packages

I've been gone for a week, and I arrived home yesterday with not 1, but 2 packages on my doorstep!  I love getting packages - even if it's something I ordered myself online.  It's like Christmas or something.

The first was just that, a few things I ordered from Amazon.

30 Day Shred - from Jillian Michaels.  My best friend and I each got a copy.  It's three - 20 minute workouts and aside from yoga and walking I figure I could probably do a bit more.  Plus it was on sale {here} for 7 bucks. :)  I also ordered the book: one thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp.  I'd heard of this book and then ran across it on a few different blogs, which pretty much meant I had to read it. Specifically from Ms. Sarah Tucker's {post}, which also inspired my own post {here}.  I cannot wait to start.

The other package was from Annemarie of Brunch at Saks.  Two new summer reads beautifully bundled with a matching ribbon and note.  So sweet.  I'm so excited to lounge in the sun with my new books (and possibly a bit more toned). :)

I love a full bookshelf.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer wedges

This weekend was a bit of a teaser for summer.  The weather was amazing - in the 80's!  

The weekend included a bit of outdoor shopping (for bikinis and summer hats at H&M) and a gorgeous walk around the reservoir, which tired out the lil' guy. He kept falling asleep with toys in his mouth the rest of the day. :)

We popped into Old Navy and I found this amazing deal I just had to share.  These were originally $29.94 (already a steal!), but on sale for 30% if you used your Banana Republic card.  

Online just use the code ONSTUFF30 'til 4/29 for the discount.  Can't beat $21 for a cute pair of summer sandals - and comfy too!  Link found {here}


**disclaimer - this is not a paid advertisement, I just love cute shoes :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rescheduled - Champagne Thursday

When I lived in San Francisco, a girlfriend of mine had a great tradition called Champagne Thursday's.  It was fantastic.  

Part way through a regular ole' thursday I'd remember, be thrilled and say "yay, it's Champagne Thursday!" 

Inevitably, someone would ask, "what's Champagne Thursday?".  

The answer was so simple, "well it's a Thursday, so you drink champagne."

There was nothing particularly significant that I could point out about those nights.  Sometimes it was just the two of us, sometimes more friends and roommates came over, we might head out after work and grab a drink someplace or sometimes just head to one of our apartments, pop a bottle of bubbles and sit and talk and laugh and laugh.  

Those were really some of my favorite nights and some of my best memories from when I lived in the city.  Even if some friday mornings were a bit dicey. :)

We live about an hour and a half apart now.  But luckily she and her husband live only a few minutes from Dan.  The guys get along great - there may even be a bit of a bro-mance going on!  A few weeks ago they both joined a softball league on Wednesday nights.

Our lives have definitely changed from when we both lived in the city.  But I'm so excited to bring our pups, watch our guys (they say it's for exercise, but I think its more for the competition - I'm so glad I'm a girl), and sip champagne with the girls.  :) 

Until further notice:  Champagne Thursday's will now be on Wednesdays. 
I highly recommend scheduling Champagne Thursday with some of your girlfriends.

"Always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions.  Sometimes the special occasion is that you have a bottle of champagne in the fridge." ~Hester Browne

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, April 16, 2012

California Love

{did the Tupac song just play in anyone else's head? - just curious}

Saw this recently and it made me smile:

No matter where I live California will always be one of my favorites. :)

Happy Monday,


Friday, April 13, 2012

For Saturday Morning

Make these tomorrow morning.  I promise your house will smell like a delicious bakery.

Snickerdoodle muffins

I found this recipe on Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen site.  Sometimes on weekends friends stop by to visit in the mornings and I love having something to share.  It's just as good for dessert as well. :)


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Prepare the muffin tin with butter or non-stick baking spray.

Combine butter and sugar with electric mixer until fluffy.  Add eggs and vanilla.

In separate bowl combine dry ingredients.  Add half of the dry ingredients to the mixing bowl and combine.  Add yogurt and buttermilk to mixing bowl and combine.  Add the rest of the dry ingredients and mix until batter is smooth.

Combine sugar and cinnamon for topping in small bowl.  Scoop batter into bowl with sugar and cinnamon.  This can be a fairly large scoop.  Gently roll the batter in the cinnamon sugar coating it completely.  Place in muffin tin.

Bake for 15-18 minutes or until golden brown on top and a toothpick comes out clean.

TIPS - The original recipe calls for 1 cup (8 oz) sour cream.  I never have sour cream on hand so I use greek yogurt.  And Fage containers come in 6 oz. so that's what I use.  It's perfectly delicious and doesn't seem to be missing anything.  Use what you got. :)

Also if you don't have buttermilk on hand you can make your own by using milk and white vinegar or lemon juice.  For this recipe you'd use 1/4 milk and 3/4 teaspoon white vinegar or lemon juice.  Mix together and let stand for 5 min before adding to the batter.



Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Table Miracle!

I discovered this great little home remedy last week and had to share.

A few months ago I got this gorgeous table on clearance from Restoration Hardware.  And with my employee discount, it was seriously a steal!

Here's a photo of it the day it arrived (please excuse the iPhone photo and half-decorated room).  That teeny tiny table in the back corner is what I had been using for 6 months before I found a table that I liked and could afford.  It's a bistro table and fit 2 people.  My new table seats 10! yay for parties!

A few weeks ago, I got an awful water stain on it and I was so upset.  I called the vendor and they recommended sanding down the spot and re-finishing - much too much work for me.  So I googled "remove water stains from wood".

It said there are 2 different types of stains, white rings which is when water is trapped in the finish and black rings, which is when water has made it down into the wood.  Luckily, mine was only a white ring.

Apparently mayonnaise is the fix for white rings.  Totally bizarre.  But I love my table and was willing to give it a go.  First step, buy mayonnaise - definitely not something I keep on hand. (BTW - if you're ever making yourself a sandwich at my house, don't use the mayo in the fridge.)

To remove white water rings from a table:

1.  Spread a small amount of mayo on the stain.
2.  Cover with paper towel and leave 15 min.
3.  Check stain, if it's not gone rub a bit more mayo and cover again.
4.  Use damp paper towel remove all mayo.  Stain should be gone.  It said if the stain is rather old and persistent you can leave it over night

Here's the before and after:

Not perfect, but pretty good, right?  It was my first attempt and I'm thrilled.  I read that if the stain is rather persistent you can leave it overnight or just rub it in a little more.  I'm definitely going to work a bit more on it.  But I am thrilled with the results!

If anyone else has any tips or a good wood protectant I'd love to hear about it!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Inspired by Ms. Tucker's post {here}, I've decided to keep my own list of 1000 gifts.

Sometimes I look around at all I have, my family and friends, everything I've been able to experience and I am so grateful.  And sometimes I don't take the time to really see those things.  Life is made up of small pleasures and I truly believe that taking the time to notice them and be grateful for them makes it so much better.

1000 by New Years is the challenge :)

#1. cuddling with pacino
#2. my house smelling like a bakery on saturday mornings
#3. getting home early enough to take pacino for a walk
#4. seeing my friends become moms
#5. olivia showing me what she learned in ballet class
#6. fresh lemons from my backyard
#7. my new lime tree to be planted
#8. homemade cookies from my mom
#9. laughing so hard with friends that my cheeks hurt
#10. pacino snoring
#11. nights on the couch with my boys and no TV or internet
#12. coming home to a home cooked dinner
#13. long phone calls with good friends
#14. unexpected rainbows
#15. salted soy hot chocolate on a rainy day
#16. living less than 2 miles from my best friend
#17. these girls
#18. packages at my door with pretty things inside
#19. the morning sky in sonoma county
#20.  a hot cuppa tea
#21.  the sound of rain
#22. a competent and easy-going boss
#21.  a stack of magazines filling my post box
#22.  waking up next to pacino sleeping under the sheet with his head on the pillow
#23. birthday lunches
#24. weekend walks around the lake
#25. a cool glass of clean water to drink on a hot day
#26. a pink sky
#27. friday nite cocktails
#28. a dad who's handy
#29. a mom who likes to garden
#30. evening walks
#31. a whole uninterrupted hour catching up with my best friend
#32. afternoon walks and coffee breaks with girls at work
#33. Sarah Tucker for inspiring this post
(it has been life-changing in just this 1 short week)
#34. a morning cup of coffee
#35. vacation's with Dan's family
#36. the 1st photo above
(taken from my bedroom window on my last day living in Paris)
#37. wishes
#38. morning kisses
#39. family hugs - pacino always sneaks kisses in
#40. dropping pacino off at Dan's work for the day
#41. a goodnight kiss
#42. Champagne Thursday's - even if they happen on Wednesday
#43. meeting other friendly WAGS
#44. singing loudly in the car to a song on the radio
#45. busting a move to that song
#46. booking vacations
#47. the smell of freshly brewed coffee topped off with warm soy milk and a dash of cinnamon at 7 in the morning
#48. dinners with Danny's parents
#49. Dan's parents who have always been welcoming, so generous and so much fun
#50. morning kisses good-bye
#51. friday afternoon lunches in the sun
#52. sunscreen
#53. impromptu dinner parties
#54. falling asleep with a smile on my face
#55. a sincere 'I'm sorry'
#56. walks around the reservoir with new friends
#57. all the possibilities of an unplanned day
#58. hearing from long-lost friends
#59. sun-bathing in the backyard with margaritas and girlfriends
#60. rain
#61. listening to Olivia tell me a story about her day
#62. "exercising" with Ava
#63. sunlight breaking though the clouds on the drive to work
#64. the start of a new highly anticipated book
#65. visits from out-of-town friends
#66. living so near one of my favorite cities in the world
(San Francisco)
#67. finding the perfect gift for someone
#68. seeing Séraphine walk for the first time
#69. texts from my brother
#70. $1,200 of auto work being covered by the warranty
#71. getting into the Nike Women's Marathon 2012
(running the half-marathon)
#72. second chances
#73. a sore bum from lunges and squats
#74. how easily pacino forgets that I've left him all day
#75. the first tan lines of the season and the memories of a great day in the sun they bring
#76. playing ball with pacino
#77. anticipation of a great weekend planned 
#78. Dan warming my hands and feet even though it makes him freeze
#79. pacino laying with me all day when I'm feeling ill
#80. hosting friends at my home for the weekend
#81. discovering new fun spots nearby
#82. sunny days
#83. delicious Italian food shared with friends
#84. wine tasting weekends
#85. nights that are warm enough to sleep with the windows open
#86. driving home from work in daylight
#87. accountability
#88. sweater weather
#89. finishing a really good book
#90. the soy latte waiting for me at the end of my morning commute
#91. sample sales at Resto :)
#92. when my mom / aunt / dad / Dan's mom / mom's friends go over to my house to play with Pacino or take him for the day while I'm at work so he doesn't spend the day all alone inside the house while I'm at work. So much puppy love!
#93. warm sun on my winter white legs
#94. coming home to unconditional love
#95. days when Danny comes
#96. long walks that tire out the pup
#97. time to read with a tired pup asleep at my feet
#98. fresh lemonade made with lemons from my mom's yard and mine
#99. lights hung on the patio {the beginning of outdoor entertaining}
#100. watching The Vow with Danny {the 332nd chick-flick he's watched with for me}
#101.  fitting just right in the crook
#102.  visiting the new home of friends becoming homeowners for the 1st time
#103. the first few moments after I wake up and realize my migraine's gone
#104. the neighbors delicious smelling grapefruit tree
#105. my moms homemade chicken soup already in my fridge when I get home from work on a night I have nothing for dinner
#106. blush pink roses
#107. baby calves
#108. the tree-lined streets in my neighborhood
#109. beautiful fresh flowers on the table from my yard
#110. my cousin graduating college
#111.  cooking with my mom
#112. constantly laughing with co-workers
#113.  hope
#114. speedy recoveries
#115. a patient and concerned doctor
#116. a great review given by someone I love working for and highly respect
#117. an unexpected raise
#118. an unexpected bonus
#119. love notes
#120. Friday afternoon lunches with co-workers
#121. a thoughtful guy who celebrates all my successes no matter how small
#122.  running my fingers through freshly cut hair
#123.  amazing, loving parents who have been married 40 years
#124. finding {or making} the perfect birthday gift for my cousin / best friend for 30 years
#125. yoga
#126. a found iPhone {Thank you ladies of Palms Nail Spa!}
#127. sharing recipes
#128. impromptu sing-alongs in the car
#129. Dan's great golf score and tournament placing
#130. our nightly constitutional :)
#131. Kiehl's puppy shampoo
#132. new friends
#133. smiles from friends eating something I've baked
#134. heading to the airport
#135. exploring a new city
#136. compatible travel companions

#137. coming home to this lil guy
#138. generous friends who offer to take care of the pup for 5 days (!)
#139. lemony truffle hollendaise sauce
#140. hotel upgrades
#141. birthday celebrations
#142.  meeting welcoming family for the 1st time
#143. rides to the airport
#144. puppy playdates at the ball games
#145. birthday phone calls
#146. laughing so hard we have tears in our eyes
#147. holding hands
#148.  sand beneath my toes
#149. impromptu bbq's
#150. the sound of a popped champagne bottle
#151. a birthday card with beautiful words from my parents
#152. cake
 #153. a giant pot of colorful flowers outside my office {thank you maintenance guys!}
#154. a patio pizza party with our sweaty men
#155. babies toes
#156. the first sip of a glass of champagne
#157. helping friends plan their 1st trip to Europe
#158. ocean views on my drive home
#159. modern medicine
#160. health insurance
#161. kind nurses
#162. a mom who makes homemade chicken soup whenever I don't feel well
#163. winning the game in double overtime with no subs
#164. getting back in bed
#165. the smell of bacon cooking
#166. extra tight hugs
#167. homemade pasta
#168. the smell after it rains
#169.  the fragrant roses in my front yard
#170. a warm chocolate filled croissant
#171. friends' baby-growin' bellies
#172. thank you notes
#173. forehead kisses
#174. catching up with the girls after it's been too too long
#175. the first downward dog of the day
#176. an evening of uninterrupted reading
#177. warm days and driving with the windows down
#178. dancing in the kitchen together even without music
#179. having girls I can tell anything to
#180. when that song comes on you just have to dance to
#181.  an unexpected promotion
#182. warm nights - no sweater needed!
#183. lazy days by the pool with these guys
#184. caprese salad
#185. cooking something new that turns out delicious
#186. vanilla frozen yogurt with graham cracker
#187. lounging by the pool with a good book
#188. the unbelievable sweetness and kindness floating around "blogland"
#189. the smell of fresh basil
#190. getting into clean, fresh sheets
#191. parents who call and check in on me
#192. encouragement
#193. Ava turning 3
#194. reminiscing about girls trips
#195. longtime friends
#196. puppy kisses
#197. fresh, sweet, summer strawberries
#198. Aussie's
#199. fresh mango
#200. sushi
#201. coworkers birthdays
#202. when someone orders in lunch for the office
#203. my birthday present from Dan {post}
#204. my passport
#205. an apricot colored sky
#206. backyard bonfires
#207. guitars around the fire pit
#208. Er-run's singing voice
#209. backyard bbq's
#210. father / daughter dinners
#211. spicy indian food
#212. Ava laughing at a movie (even if it is mostly at the burp parts)
#213. Er-run's pulled pork
#214. sharing recipes with friends
#215. that first sip of coffee in the morning
#216. where the clouds touch the mountains
#217. fresh sweet homemade strawberry jam on crusty bread
#218. a messy kitchen after a day of cooking with my mom
#219. learning old family recipes
#220. apps that let me chat with friends in other places in the world
#221. pellegrino
#222. birthday toasts
#223. evening sunlight in the summertime
#224. homemade pasta
#225. the way the sunlight reflects off the clouds at dusk
#226. Dan spontaneously singing along to the music and knowing all the words
#227. the smell of saltwater in the air
#228. sand beneath my toes
#229. driving old familiar roads
#230. root beer floats at work
#231. a call from a friend telling you she's pregnant
#232. learning something new
#233. small accomplishments
#234. encouragement from people I've never met
#235. 24-hour emergency vet
#236.  seeing how much Danny loves Pacino
#237. grapes straight from the vine
#238. homemade pizza
#239. learning new {delicious!} recipes
#240. cooking together
 #241. lazy days by the pool with family
#242. grillin'
#243. afternoon naps
 #244. pacino curled up around my neck
#245. forgiveness
#246. how Ava's teeny body fits perfectly curled into mine
#247. avocados
#248. 80 degrees
#249. hearing "Auntie Yauren"
#250. days I have "custody" of Pacino
#251. listening to the music my brother wrote for me
#252. sore arms from a good workout
#253. sleeping in
#254. a room-mate who makes breakfast on the weekends
#255. being named and thanked by the CFO at a company-wide meeting
 #256. moonlight
#257. beautiful babies made by my friends :)
#258. having the opportunity to work with really smart and experienced people
#259. being perfectly happy spending time on my own
#260. sweet emails from lovely readers
#261. finding a yummy recipe
#262.  when someone in the office gets flowers; it makes the whole office brighter
#263.  when prayer works
#264. getting dressed up
#265. working for a company that values its employees
#266. quiet Sunday mornings with a warm mug and a good book
#267.  dinners with friends
#268. friends that always make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts
#269. fresh salmon {that someone else cleaned and cooked :)}
#270.  living in California where the ocean, mountains, wine country, the city are all nearby
#271. pup safety equipment {that makes me laugh}
#272. weekend getaways with friends
#273.  nights with friends when you don't stop laughing
#274. trying new things
#275. inspiring words from people I've never met
#276. the smell of coffee before I'm even out of bed
#277. foggy sunrise over the bay
#278. anticipation of upcoming trips
#279. sunlight through the fog
#280. when photos don't do it justice and you realize you need to put down the camera and just enjoy
#281. making someone else laugh
#282. girlfriends + hot tub + wine
#283. the feeling after you've made amends
#284. being at the airport
#285. cottony clouds hovering in the sky
#286. shannonballs
#287. awesomely bad cover / karaoke bands
#288. friends cheering for me
#289. diving
#290. dancing without care
#291. having a private bodyguard at the club
#292. deliciously red watermelon
#293. splash mob
#294. being driven to the airport
#295. finding a spoon in the utensil drawer at work
#296. packing for Paris
#297. the birthday boy
#298. friendly neighbors
#299. the start of autumn leaves
#300. cool autumn evenings
#301. {multiple} daily emails from my mom
#302. SFO international terminal
#303. familiar streets from a past life
#304. 56, blvd la tour-maubourg
#305. fresh french croissants in the morning
#307. long walks through the Jardin du Luxembourg
#308. Paris at night
#309. the smell of fresh croissants in the early morning when passing the boulangerie
#310. morning walks
#311. gold and royalty and history
#314. familiar places that haven't changed in years
#315. cobblestone streets and ballet flats
#317. bubbles ;)
#318. seeing an old city through new eyes
#319. the cheese aisle in French grocery stores
#320. polka dots
#321. contentment
#322. speaking french
#323. hearing Dan speak french
#324. booked flights
#325. the autumn view from my front window #nofilter
#326. crawling into bed after a long day
#327. homegrown lemons
#328. comments that make me smile
#329. visits from faraway friends even when it's much too short
#330. sharing wine with a good friend
#331. the memories I have from living in Paris (so grateful)
#332. when the rain stops
#333. exploring a new city
#334. arnold palmers
#335. infinity pools
#336. meeting other Foodie's
#337. when the Bears win (because it makes Dan happy)
#338. waking up and feeling like you've had enough sleep
#339. dessert
#340. birds on a wire
#341. sore abs from a good workout
#342. the big Texas sky
#343. colleagues who will work alongside you on the weekend
#344. falling leaves
#345. when the rain stops
#346. when Dan takes the middle seat
#347. autumn pleasures
#348. fog
#349. egg nog lattes
#350. Olivia's toothy grin
#351. friends as mommies
#352. VD nights
#353. grits
#354. when the plane takes off
#355. missing the storm
#356. the safety of friends and family in NY
#357. seeing my friends as mommies
#358. new followers
#359. truffle oil
#360. a book you just can't put down
#361. friends pregnant bellies
#362. goodnight hugs and kisses from Séraphine
#363. dinners with B&P where the laughs never stop
#364. having people there to take care of you when you're sick
#365. Séraphine groovin'
#366. shopping with Morgan
#367. Arthur's cooking
#368. seeing my brother perform
#369. crisp fall days in NY
#370. walking through central park with my love
#371. a hot drink in cold hands
#372. bing +1'd
#373. when the fogs lifting
#374. unexpectedly finding memories in my pocket
#375. colors of the wine country in autumn
#376. Italian family picnics
#377. snow in San Francisco
#378. when the Christmas tree keeps growing
#379. fresh homemade bread
#380. Christmas tree smell
#381. a skirt that twirls
#382. a full post box at Christmas time
#383. being asked to guest post from bloggers I admire
#384. when someone asks me for one of my recipes that they loved
#385. answered prayers
#386. Christmas cards
#387. dance parties
#388. Jaliffa's laugh
#389. delivering baked goods to friends
#340. baking with my mom
#341. sweet comments from bloggers who inspire me
#342. toddler hugs
#343. snow days
#344. curled up with thick comfy socks and a soft warm throw
#345. having a job to go to every day
#346.  driving in the dark and all of the sudden the stars start popping out of the sky
#347. when a baby smiles
#348. friends karaoke
#349. the sound of skates on ice
#350. when you can hear the smile in someones voice
#351. baby giggles
#352. pizza and champagne (why is this combo so good?!)
#353. boots with fur
#354. homemade cinnamon rolls
#355. when people love the dessert I've made
#356. phone calls from old friends
#357. booking plane tickets
#358. successfully making a new recipe
#359. when an international number pops up on my caller id
#360. playing in the snow
#361. receiving handwritten letters
#362. hugs that last a while
#363. waking up and realizing you don't have to get up yet
#364. a full tank of gas
#365. the fog that covers the valley on my morning commute
#366. twinkle lights in trees
#367. listening to 6 yr old Olivia tell a story about her day
#368. bare branches against a pink sky
#369. Pacino running through sand
#370. market lights
#371. looking around a table filled with close family and friends
#372. wearing my mothers wedding dress
#373. hugging my dad right before we walk down the aisle
#374. walking down the aisle with my dad
#375. friends for more than 17 years
#376. a friend who cries at the thought of giving a toast at my wedding
{those tears mean more than any words}
#377. homemade mozzarella
#378. butterscotch panna cotta
#379. wonderfully kind and accommodating events people
#380. our impromptu and surprise first dance
#381. music written and played by my brother at our wedding
#382. beautiful and sweetly written engagement cards
#383. incredibly generous wedding gifts from family and friends
#384. a surprise bridal shower from co-workers
#385. a phone call to the right people for an incredible experience

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