Sunday, May 20, 2012

40 years

Today is my parents 40th year wedding anniversary.

My parents were middle school sweethearts and got married before my mom was even allowed to drink.  (Hopefully they at least gave her a glass of champagne at her own wedding!)  They waited a while after getting married to have kids.  They had careers, they travelled, they had dogs.  Obviously, they spent a lot of time together.

A few years back, my mother and I were chatting, she mentioned something about how they weren't sure if they were ever going to have kids.  I was shocked.  I know I'm their daughter, but if you knew my parents, this would be shocking to you as well.

I told my aunt about it mainly because I just couldn't believe it.  She said the reason I was so shocked is because they are so good at being parents it's quite unbelievable to think that they wouldn't do it.  I think I was in my early twenties when these conversations happened.  And to my young college brain, my aunt's statement blew my mind.  I remember thinking to myself, 'she's so right, they are really great parents.  They're quite amazing parents actually.'  This was a profound moment in my life.

So, to my amazing parents, first off, thank you very much for deciding to have kids.  Second, thank you so much for being married for 40 years.  I know that the love you have for me and perhaps even more importantly, the love you have for each other has made me who I am today.

On a slightly different topic, today's is the 1 year anniversary of owning my own house!  Which just happens to be 6.6 miles away from my parents.


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