Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lost iPhone

I had a really great weekend, that ended with losing my iPhone. Not so great.  Sunday evening I went to charge my phones (one for work, one personal) and realized I couldn't find my work phone.  Worse, I couldn't remember the last time I had it (at least that's probably good evidence of a good weekend!)

For the weekend, we had friends in town, the guys were playing in a golf tournament (which Dan ended up doing really really in - yay!), and the ladies were just hanging out relaxing and maybe a bit of pampering. :)  Sunday afternoon we got pedicures, at Palms Nail Spa. I specifically remember setting down my phone and thinking "I cannot forget my phone".  And I remembered getting up and taking it with me then.  The rest was a complete blank.  We went on with the rest of our day, tacos and margarita's, relaxing in the sun, etc.
OPI - An Affair in Red Square

But when I realized later that night that it was gone, I was a complete wreck. I tore apart the house, my car. Nada.  I could barely sleep.  The next morning I called around to everywhere we'd been.  When I called the nail salon, the woman couldn't have been nicer, she said "oh no, that's an expensive phone!"  She took my number and said she'd check with everyone there and call me back.  She called me back less than 5 minutes later and said "my sister's still sleeping, but I told her to call me as soon as she wakes up."  She was calling employees at home!  Too sweet, I was hopeful at this point.  A little while later, she called and said yes her sister had found it and put it away since it was "such an expensive phone!"

I went in after work and picked up my phone.  They were so sweet.  The woman said, "I'm glad we had it, it's such an expensive phone!"  I stayed and got an amazing manicure, $15 for 45 min!

OPI - Will You Mari Achi Me 
{it's hard to see, but this color is gorgeous in person, kinda nude and pink with just a bit of gold shimmer}

I had to post today, just to say thank you to the women at Palms Nail Spa in Windsor, CA, not just for finding my phone, but for the amazing pedicure and manicure, and being so friendly and  so so nice.  I will definitely be heading back!


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