Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wine Tasting Weekend - Thanksgiving

I feel kinda funny about all the gushing I did about New York in autumn.  I guess I forgot how beautiful it is in wine country - right in my own backyard!

Last weekend, because Dan's sister and brother-in-law were up from Hermosa, we decided to spend the day in Napa picnicking and wine-tasting.

We headed to Hall winery first, which none of us had been to before, but was the perfect stop.

They were already all decked out for Christmas.
{Dan's sister, Lisa, brother-in-law, Sean and Caper}

We were at the St. Helena location but we're definitely planning on checking out their place in Rutherford.  Mainly just so I can see this chandelier in person.

As always, we headed to Napa Valley Olive Oil Manufacturing Company for our picnicking accoutrements.  I debated about posting about this place, simply because it's so so tiny but it's too good not to tell you about. 

It's a small white barn at the end of one of St. Helena's small streets.  An Italian family runs it and it's old style - as in cash or check only.  As in ask the Italian mother how to make something and she'll stand right there and explain in detail even when there's a line of people behind you.  Love it!

  They make the most wonderful olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  I picked up a pomegranate balsamic that I can't wait to try on roasted veggies or salads.

We filled our basket with salumi, cheeses, pepperoni, bread and mustards and then headed to Beringer to grab some wine and a picnic table.  

Family photo!
My favorite of the day.

Dan's mon packed a tablecloth which seems like such a small thing but made our lunch feel so much more homey. :)

Last stop: Rubicon

I love it here.

It's always prettier than I remembered.

Sadly, Pacino was coned for the weekend.     
 He got in an argument with his cousin, Caper, and she won.  Luckily he came out of it with only a minor scratch on his eye.  Should teach him not to fight with family!

Hope your thanksgiving weekend was gorgeous and beautiful and hopefully a bit better than Pacino's!


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  1. Looks beautiful! Great photos! I miss fall at home. I wonder if Pacino will ever learn. Good thing he's so handsome...


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