Thursday, February 7, 2013

cold weather {must-have}

Was anyone else freezing watching the polar bear plunge on the Bachelor this week?  
I felt chilled to the bone!

So I gathered a few of my favorite cold weather essentials.  I know you're thinking - what does a girl from California know about winter. But anyone who's ever held my hand or felt my toes through socks will admit that I know cold.

  1. My brothers delicious hot cocoa recipe.
  2. The perfect throw - personally I love the plush and faux fur throws found at Restoration Hardware.
  3. Beauty - Kiehl's Ultimate Hand Salve and Kate Somerville's Quench - the most amazing product I've ever found.
  4. A hot water bottle - don't laugh, I'm serious. I first discovered these when I lived in London and I don't care if it's old womanish but there is nothing better than being wrapped in your favorite throw with a cup of hot cocoa and a hot water bottle at your feet.  Nothing.  It's also nice to throw under the covers to warm your bed for you. :)  This is the one I have, but I'm thinking of getting one of these on sale at RH.  Seriously, you can't have too many.  Dan and my brother both use them when they're at my house. :)
  5. Cashmere socks - my favorite are from The White Company, but you can find them pretty reasonable priced at Nordstorm too.
  6. Cuyana cape - I was lucky enough to win this from a recent giveaway over at Caitlin's blog, Sacramento Street.  It arrived on Christmas eve and may have been the best present I received.  Everyone in my family tried it on and they all want one now, including my brother.  
  7. And who can survive winter with lip balm.  Honestly, I'm not too picky.  I think the best lip balm is the one that you have with you.
stay warm!



  1. I almost bought something like that cape in Mexico last month... I'm really kicking myself, now!

  2. Yes to number 5! Cashmere socks!

  3. Great list!
    It's summer here, you can come visit anytime :)

  4. I think everyone deserves to have a cape in their wardrobe, no matter what climate they live in. It's like being able to wear a throw blanket around your shoulders out in public.


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