Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tylney Hall - Hook

When I was living in London, one of the places I "visited" was Hook in North Hampshire, England.

I use the term visited loosely as this is not a place that I would have thought to travel too.  I was there for work.  Most of us who were on international rotations in the London office were sent out on the client work that was outside of the city, which was considered less desirable.  

I didn't mind though.  I got to see parts of England I never would have and got to know the train system fairly well.  There were weeks I arrived back at my flat in London on Friday night only to pack, do laundry, repack and leave again early Monday morning.

As I was catching up on Downton Abbey last night, I was reminded of the place we stayed at in Hook: Tylney Hall

Unfortunately, I don't have too many photos.  But I do love these wintery sciences I managed to take during one of our weeks there.

Before our team went out there, it was kind of a joke around the office that we would be spending a couple weeks out of the year in Hook.  Apparently, it is not known for being one of England's great tourist destinations. And the hotel where the team had stayed previous years wasn't anything to write home about.

One night at a work dinner, I got to chatting with my engagement partner.  He mentioned that one of his favorite places that he'd ever stayed happened to be right outside of Hook.  Not knowing the price, he asked why we didn't stay there.

I immediately jumped at my chance and asked if I could book the team there if there wasn't much of a price difference.  Perhaps, because we were there in the winter months, the cost wasn't much more.

The rooms were all unique and adorable, exactly as you'd picture that English countryside charm.

My favorite part was the enormous breakfast they'd lay out every morning in the dining room. 
(Of course, my favorite would be the food.)

Tylney Hall in summer

Totally Downton Abbey, right?



  1. Oh yes! This is complete Downton. How fabulous!

  2. Ah! This totally reminds me of Downton. My favorite show, by the way. It looks gorgeous!

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  3. I wish I could live in London :)

    Ali of


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