Wednesday, October 16, 2013

honeymooning in bora bora - activities

Before we left on our honeymoon, my father-in-law asked us, "So what are you guys planning to do in Bora Bora, like are there things to see, places to go...?"

Our answer: Absolutely nothing.

Don't get me wrong, I know there are vanilla fields to see and pearl mining excursions.  That just wasn't in our plan. Swimming with sharks and manta rays - no way!

We didn't want the sort of vacation where you're up and out of the hotel by a certain time to take in as much as you can.  We didn't have to be anywhere by a specific time, except breakfast before 10.30 am (we weren't about to miss that!).  We never once set an alarm and instead just let the sun in the morning wake us up.

That said, we were surprised by how much stuff there was to do; if we ever got bored lounging by the pool and beach {not often}.

The hotel had tons of community bikes you could grab anytime for easy transportation around the resort.

{biking by day}

{and by night - that's a glass of champagne in his hand from dinner}

{hanging with the fish}
{a little perspective - check out the sea urchin in both photos - that's a seriously big fish!}

{we did a bit of people watching}

My aunt lent us her underwater camera, that was so much fun.

{I count a photo shoot in the pool as an activity.}

{paddle boarding - don't let anyone fool you, this is so much easier than it looks}


Probably the most fun we had on the trip was the jet-skiing tour around the island.

We stopped off half-way through to switch drivers (I declined), eating fresh coconut and to swim for a bit.

{this me enjoying the coconut and the view}

Does eating count as an activity?  More on that later.

See more of Bora Bora here.


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