Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today marks the anniversary of two years home since moving back from London.  A lot has happened in those two years - a lot of really great things, and a few not so great, but definitely more than I imagined.

No matter where I live at any point, California will always be my home, but there are some things I dearly miss about London:

- taking a break from Regent Street shopping for afternoon tea at The Parlour at sketch

- taking the tube (pronounced "chube") - although I do not miss the morning-breath on the way to work each day

- riding my bike around Clapham (caution - cycling in London can be dangerous!)

- snow in winter

- pub nights

- champagne receptions and exhibit openings at the Saatchi gallery

- borough market

- my sweet little London flat - that was all mine :)
tulip yoga in Clapham

- planes, trains and the ease of traveling

- books - I had so much more time to read there

- lounging in the sun in Clapham Common or Hyde Park
- double decker buses (my favourite way to get around!)

- the city at Christmas time - especially the Fortnum & Mason windows

- Hummingbird bakery in South Ken

- and many many others!  This list could go on.

Mostly though, I miss the amazing friends I made there.  I initially wanted to move to London because I missed Paris from my college days.  Before moving to London I had only been there once for a few days before heading off with a friend on another trip so I really had no idea what to expect.  Living in Paris made me believe that I loved the European lifestyle.  I was wrong.  I loved the Parisian lifestyle and London was definitely different.  And it was exciting stumbling into a new culture and city I knew very little about - exciting and scary.  And it may have taken a bit of time, but the people I met made my time there so much fun and absolutely amazing.

Sometimes it feels like it was all a dream.  


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