Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nike Women's

I am so excited!  I checked my email this morning and this is what I saw:
I got picked to run it again this year!  Apparently thousands of people apply and even with over 20,000 spots there are still people who don't get in.  

Let me just clarify I will be running the HALF-marathon, not the full 26.2 mile marathon. Last year when my girlfriend and I got to the point where the marathoners and half-marathoners split, I told her that I would probably have started crying at that moment had I signed up for the full-marathon.  And that she could never ever let me sign up for a full.

Last year when the time came to register for the NWM, I jumped at the chance.  But then with a few knee issues, busy-ness at work, and pure laziness I didn't train - like didn't train at all.  As in, I ran 3 miles one day, 4 months before the race and that was it.  Let me tell you, that's not how you train for a 13.1 mile run.

Around mile 6, my knee started bothering me.  Around mile 10 my right hip completely stopped working and I had to limp, yes limp.  I limped for 3 miles and then as soon as we saw the finish line I sprinted just so it could be done. 

It sounds awful, but I promise it wasn't.  It was amazing.  The run is gorgeous - downtown San Francisco, down Embarcadero, through the Presidio and ending at the beach, with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and thousands of people running with you and encouraging you on.  There's so much positive energy in the city that day.

Last year my goal was to finish.  This year my goal is to train and finish.  :)

I am planning on using Hal Higdon's Beginner Program, although I'd love recommendations as well!

Starting line of last years race (Union Square):
Those are sunglasses on my head, the light makes it look like there aren't any lens. And I have no idea who the person on the far right is with the sunglasses on. I guess she wanted to be in our photo.

 Halfway point:



  1. Good for you!! You honestly can't pay me enough to run more than 5 miles at a time (I have serious knee issues), but I can imagine how amazing it feels to be done. And there's not better place than to run in San Francisco!

  2. I ran Nike's Human Race a few years back and LOVED it! Although it was only 5k...small potaters compared to the half...totally on my bucket list though...I'll DEF check it out...thanks for the tip and good luck hun!

    I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS with 5 chances to WIN in honor of my blog’s 2year anniversary! Would love for you to stop by and check it out!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  3. That is so exciting! I am still working torwards a 10k so I admire you for this!
    Best of luck with training!

  4. I always admire marathon runners. The dedication and love you have for fitness is incredible. Exciting!


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