Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rescheduled - Champagne Thursday

When I lived in San Francisco, a girlfriend of mine had a great tradition called Champagne Thursday's.  It was fantastic.  

Part way through a regular ole' thursday I'd remember, be thrilled and say "yay, it's Champagne Thursday!" 

Inevitably, someone would ask, "what's Champagne Thursday?".  

The answer was so simple, "well it's a Thursday, so you drink champagne."

There was nothing particularly significant that I could point out about those nights.  Sometimes it was just the two of us, sometimes more friends and roommates came over, we might head out after work and grab a drink someplace or sometimes just head to one of our apartments, pop a bottle of bubbles and sit and talk and laugh and laugh.  

Those were really some of my favorite nights and some of my best memories from when I lived in the city.  Even if some friday mornings were a bit dicey. :)

We live about an hour and a half apart now.  But luckily she and her husband live only a few minutes from Dan.  The guys get along great - there may even be a bit of a bro-mance going on!  A few weeks ago they both joined a softball league on Wednesday nights.

Our lives have definitely changed from when we both lived in the city.  But I'm so excited to bring our pups, watch our guys (they say it's for exercise, but I think its more for the competition - I'm so glad I'm a girl), and sip champagne with the girls.  :) 

Until further notice:  Champagne Thursday's will now be on Wednesdays. 
I highly recommend scheduling Champagne Thursday with some of your girlfriends.

"Always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge for special occasions.  Sometimes the special occasion is that you have a bottle of champagne in the fridge." ~Hester Browne

Happy Wednesday!



  1. It sounds like a wonderful idea! I have an unofficial champagne Thursday and yes this Friday is kinda dicey but it was worth it :)

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  2. My friend and I have champagne Monday!! It helps get the week started right!

  3. This really does sound like the funnest way to get through a week! I love any excuse to get together with my girls!


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