Monday, June 11, 2012

John Ash Celebration

A few weekends ago, Dan took me out to celebrate my raise and bonus.  What was so fantastic about it, was that it was completely unexpected! I thought I'd have to be here a year before getting anything.  Even better, it came with a killer review. I was thrilled.   My boss called me into her office, shut the door, looked at my worried face and said "no it's okay, it's a good thing".

I've been wanting to go to John Ash & Co. for a while, we just never had a reason.  He said this was our reason.  I'm so lucky to have a guy who always celebrates my successes no matter how small!

John Ash is owned by Ferrari-Carano Vineyards.  They have this gorgeous winery out dry creek road in Healdsburg and a beautiful tasting room on the Healdsburg square.
 Ferrari - Carano Winery in Healdsburg

Wine tasting there a few months ago

The restaurant is located in Santa Rosa and shares property with Vintners Inn, an absolutely gorgeous place I've always wanted to stay but the practical side of of my brain keeps popping up reminding me I live less than 6 miles away. Maybe someday...
All dressed up for our dinner celebration.  {I tried my first "sock bun".}  
Dan told me I looked pretty and that I had sumo wrestler hair. :)

Before dinner, Dan and I walked the property a bit just because it's so gorgeous.

They had a small ceremony set up.  Dan teased me saying that it looked like the type of ceremony I would want, with only 6 chairs on each side.  I would love something with like 10 of our favorite people, but he says no way that's possible!  I'm just so nervous about all the attention focused on me!  It sounds scary!  But you couldn't pick a more beautiful setting. I wish the photos could do it justice.

Dinner was perfect.  The setting was perfect.  And the company was perfect.  

Happy Monday!

*all images original to Champagne Reveries


  1. Congrats! Nothing better than an unexpected promotion and raise! What a great way to celebrate :) And your necklace should be on its way!

    1. Thanks Sabra! I'm so excited. Her etsy shop was so pretty!

  2. Congrats, sweetie! That's fantastic news! And it looks like you had a fabulous celebration. Glad that you enjoyed yourself :) xoxo

  3. Congrats to you! So glad you have a great guy and a great boss that both appreciate you! I think that's what most of us want... to feel appreciated. xo

    1. Thanks Debby! That's so true - just someone that tells us "you matter" :)

  4. Yay!! Congrats! Looks like such a wonderful time place!
    x, Anna


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