Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My birthday present finally arrived and I could not be more excited!
I have wanted a "real" camera for so long.  
I have a small pocket size digital camera that I believe came out in 1999 (!!!).  I think the first iPhone had more pixels than it does!
But I shouldn't complain, it's definitely worked for me in the past capturing some wonderful memories and beautiful places.  But maybe it's time for something just a bit more grown up.

For my birthday Dan got me a brand new gorgeous camera and I am so excited to start playing with it and learning all about it. 

{Dan's excited because he thinks that we'll finally be able to capture Pacino's true handsomeness.  His words - I swear!}

I'd love to hear any suggestions for online tutorials or any tips!  I'm a total newbie.  

I'm also trying to get a bit more familiar with photoshop.  I have CS5 on my Macbook and I will admit it is not intuitive for me.  Any suggestions would be so appreciated!

I'm definitely not looking to become a photographer (or an octopus).  
Just the basics to start :)



  1. Congrats and good luck!!! J got me an amazing Nikon DSRL for my bday almost 2 years ago now. I used it for a while but it came along with private lessons with a photographer that I've yet to use to this day. I'm really disappointed in myself though because I truly love photography and wanted this camera so badly but it sits at home almost all the time. I know you'll get better use out of yours!

    Oh and also good luck with Photoshop. It's totally not intuitive at all. I need to take a class.

    These are my fall projects :) xoxo

  2. Ha and I meant to type dslr but typed too fast :)

  3. Congrats! You're going to love playing around with it. I took one class and it taught me the basics. I also wrote this post about some of the tricks I use to get my photos looking decent. I'm not a photographer by any means but it's so fun! Oh and practice, practice, practice!

    P.S. Did you get your necklace?

  4. Oooh, congrats on the fancy new camera + I LOVE that print - so cute!
    ♡ Lexi
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