Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dallas weekend and the State Fair

We just got back from our long weekend in Dallas.  
It's kind of nice starting the work week on Wednesday!
We had such a great time.  It was Dan's first time in Dallas and I'd only been there for work on a few occasions and never really had a chance to enjoy the city.

One of the guys Dan works with lives in Dallas and got us tickets to the Cowboys v. Bears game.  Dan's a Bears fan and he's a Cowboys fan.  More than that, he and his wife showed us an amazing time.  

They had gotten us tickets for the Texas Rangers game but due to the rain the day before and some scheduling difficulties, we ended up sitting outside in the gorgeous weather and watching the game at Katy's Trail Ice House.  

I thought this place looked like a movie set from Sweet Home Alabama - it just looked like how I pictured Texas! {I realize Texas and Alabama are different states - but you get what I mean.)
Presents for us waiting in our hotel room.  Thank you!  We didn't end up getting to wear the Rangers gear, but we put the chocolate to good use.

Monday, while they were working, they got us tickets to the State Fair.  This was an experience.
 {The Worlds Largest Fried Fritos Chili pie.}
{Dan enjoying the Worlds Largest Fried Fritos Chili Pie.}
An institution in Texas and delicious!

Did you know that you can fry pretty much anything?  I didn't.
But apparently they've figured it out in Texas.
That sign says fried butter.  On the side of the sign that you can't see, it says fried cookie dough.  Fried pepperoni pizza and fried lemonade were on the menu too.  And I definitely saw a sign for fried watermelon.

Each year they give out awards for the most creative food.  This year the fried bacon cinnamon roll won.  In previous years fried bubble gum and fried beer were winners.  I'm still trying to figure that out.

{My Texas State Fair attire.}
In true fair fashion, he won his girl a prize.  He was pretty happy. :)

Before I knew that our hosts were planning much of the weekend, I had asked a few friends for recommendations.  Lauren, from Aspiring Kennedy, had recommended a few great looking restaurants.   As soon as I clicked on her suggestion for Hattie's I knew it was my kind of place.

By a lucky coincidence, our hosts had already made us reservations here.  I loved everything we had especially the figs wrapped in prosciutto and my delicious shrimp and grits, something we don't find too often in California.

Monday Night Football at the Dallas Stadium, also known as the Death Star.
We soon realized we were sitting in a box with only Cowboys fans when Dan went at little crazy at the first great play by the Bears.  While eating my queso, I turned and looked around the box realizing it was silent except for Dan's cheering.  I nudged him a bit and we looked around a bit embarrassed.  Luckily everyone else thought it was pretty funny.
Our trip ended with a big win for the Bears 34 - 18.      
Great weekend.  Thank you so much to our generous hosts!  

It was nice to get home though and eat some veggies. :) 


  1. Looks like such a fun time! I've been to Dallas a few times before but for work so I didn't really get to have any fun. Hope you enjoyed your short week and have a great weekend :) xoxo

  2. Of course I followed your adventures on Instagram!


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