Friday, October 19, 2012

The Ring

While we were shopping in San Francisco last weekend, we somehow found ourselves in at Tiffany and Co. :)  Girls being girls we were tempted by all the sparkly things in the window.


Now I'm not married, nor engaged, so I haven't been through this thing before.  But looking at all the lovely sparkling rings in the cases and the people shopping for them got me wondering.

How do you buy an engagement ring?  Is it something you pick out together?  Or is the guy expected to pick out something on his own and completely surprise his girl?


I've had friends proposed to all sorts of ways.  

One friend was proposed to with a necklace so that they could go together to the jewelry store and pick out her wedding rings. 

It was so sweet because he wore the necklace tucked under his shirt so that when he went to propose it wouldn't be lost in his pocket.  She saw the chain and just thought he was trying a new style. :)
{not sure the source - please let me know so I can update}

Another friend was given a solitaire diamond ring when he was proposed and later they went to the jewelry store together so she could pick out the setting.

he completely surprised her with the ring.

I wonder too, do guys feel a lot of pressure to pick out something for their girl on their own that she's going to wear forever?  I think I know Dan pretty well and I'm not sure I could pick out something he'd wear for the rest of his life {unless it was lululemon boxers - has your guys tried these? Apparently they're like diamonds to a girl!}.

So I'm curious, how was your ring chosen? Or how would you prefer it to happen?
Please leave a comment below.  I love engagement stories!



  1. I would have loved for him to have picked it out... as long as I liked it! Haha!

    All these rings are gorgeous. So beautiful.

  2. For us, we went to the store together, I showed him the rings that I liked. Then, I didn't know this but my mother had an heirloom ring for me. So she gave it to him to give to me. He gave the solitaire to me and the setting wasn't my style so I picked out a classic and timeless setting for it. :) I think there isn't a "right" way. What's right is whatever works for that particular couple!

  3. Oh goodness those rings are all so gorgeous! Girls and their rings. Le sigh!

  4. It's such an exciting time! I picked mine out. Not that I think J would have done a bad job but I'm really happy with mine and couldn't imagine wanting anything else :) xoxo


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