Friday, December 28, 2012

blogger thank you

My first post went up exactly 1 year ago.


I didn't really have a plan when I started blogging (that's probably pretty obvious).
But I think it was for a couple of different reasons: 
- I needed a bit of creativity in my life 
{surprisingly accounting and finance doesn't help with that much}; 
- a little out boredom; 
 - and because I needed a place to keep the things I love
{Fun fact - most of the recipes I post are because I want to be able to find them again - selfish, I know}

 But a big reason was because I had found a few blogs that I loved reading and could relate to so much and found so inspiring.  

And through those blogs and since starting my own, I've found even more incredible people.
{Not more incredible than the people before, just more people who are incredible.}

I thought I'd take today's post to thank some of the bloggers whose posts I click on first when I see them in my blogroll.

Sheye - Sheye Rosemeyer - Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading and your writing was instantly addicting.  It's one of the few blogs that I've read completely through the archives.  I sat crying at my computer screen while reading some of your posts about Ava.  Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous photography and being so open about your grief and your happiness.

Lauren - Aspiring Kennedy - I first clicked on your blog because of the title.  It made me laugh. And then when I discovered you were an American (with my name) living in England, I was hooked.  See, I had just recently moved back from London and I missed it much more than I thought I would.  Your travel posts give me my Europe fix.

Sarah - Fairy Tales Are True - Your 1000 gifts post is one of my favorites.  My list is not even close to 1000 yet, but since starting it I find myself seeking beauty in every day things even if those things never make it to the list.  It was astounding how that small change within me changed so much around me. 

Rhi - Hey Gorgeous Events - How do you make everything so pretty?!  I love how much you share about starting your own business.  It's something that seems to be unique to the blog-world where people are willing to help others succeed rather than see them as the competition.  

Lara / Emily - Making Things Happen - I don't know how I first found you both.  It was pretty recent and I am so glad I did.  Your faith and the positivity and encouragement and support that you put out into the world is so inspiring to see.  I am so excited that you're offering a Making Brands Happen webinar series.  I'm hoping to attend part 1!

I don't think it's easy to figure out what to share and how much to share about your life, or create good content and a blog that's ascetically pleasing and easy to read.  I certainly don't pretend to have these things figured out.  I am constantly in awe of all the bloggers who make it look so effortless.

Thank you!



  1. I just found your blog and I love it! you are adorable, and you have the cutest little dog in the world :)

  2. All of the above are blogs I adore as well! Proud to say Rhi is one of my very best friends :) Such sweethearts- all of them. Happy one year blog birthday!! Hooray. Thanks for stopping by my blog today xo

    1. Thanks Michaela! I hope you have a beautiful new year! xx

  3. i love it when i find inspiring blogs too :)
    i started blogging to find my own creativity too. but i think pinterest is doing a better job at that for me haha :)

    1. Haha love pinterest! But your blog looks beautiful too! Have a wonderful new year!

  4. These are some of my very favourite blogs too - great list and great inspiration. Happy one year blogiversary to you!

    1. Thanks Christine!! Hope your new year is wonderful!

  5. So honored to make this list! Glad I can help with your Europe fix :)

    1. There's so much more I love about your blog! Thanks for sharing all that you do! So excited for those baby kennedy's :)

  6. Wow you are so kind! And congrats on such a remarkable year! So grateful for your encouraging words : )


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