Thursday, December 6, 2012

White chocolate peppermint pretzels {FAIL}

So while everyone else is posting gorgeous photos of their Christmas decor, beautiful diy gift wrapping and yummy holiday recipes, I thought I'd shared my failed holiday attempt. 

Here's my pretty photo of all my ingredients:

I was going to start the post with something about a super easy festive treat that only has three ingredients.

And then I started making it and all the peppermint pieces started falling off and the white chocolate got all drippy and clumped in the peppermint.

I attempted to clean the pan up a bit for this next photo.

I know where I messed up.  I should've crushed up all the candy canes really well before I started.  

But while I was crushing them I noticed all this pink dust flying around.  So I put my ziploc bag in another ziploc bag and continued to crush them but more dust came out again.

I decided there was enough fine candy cane crushings in the bottom of the bag for me to roll the chocolate covered pretzels in. So I began.  

Turns out I was half right.  The fine candy cane dust stuck to the chocolate but then it rubbed against the big candy cane pieces and fell off.

You know when you picture something in your head and you're like "this is totally going to work!" and then you do it and you're like "that was never going work!"

Here's my one and only good one:

If anyone has any ideas how to crush up candy cane without getting it all over your kitchen, I would love to hear!  It is seriously every. where.

I blame pinterest.



  1. Brave post. 10 bonus points for your ingredient staging photo.

  2. Lol. Too funny! Wish I coulda been there for that.


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