Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breakfast for Dinner {book review}

I got a new recipe book. :) These sorts of things make me smile.  

I finally got to sit down with it last night and go through it.  I honestly have no idea what I want to make first.  Everything just looks so delicious.  And so different than what I had expected.  This is definitely not just a bunch of frittata and pancake recipes.

Bacon fried rice will be made asap.  
I don't know why I've always been intimidated by this, but this recipe looks really easy!

Egg and chorizo burritos made with sweet potato and spinach with an avocado lime sauce. Yum!

Now I've never really understood the appeal of chicken and waffles (I'm not knocking it, I just haven't tried it); but I can definitely get on board with chicken and biscuit waffles.

Throughout the book, there are easy basic recipes: homemade pizza dough, savory and sweet crepes, homemade pita dough, how to make raviolis, how to poach an egg. Love that.  I've always wanted to make my own raviolis.  Is that on anyone else's bucket list? (hello?)

And lots of sauces: easy marinara, cream cheese and artichoke dip, avocado cream sauce, buttermilk ranch.

When we were in Dallas a few months ago, I had the most delicious shrimp and grits. I had to keep pushing Dan's fork off my plate.

 If anyone knows where to find them in Northern California, I would love to know.  This recipe, with andouille sausage, butternut squash and kale chips. looks amazing.  My Dad's been asking for it, since he saw the book.

Bacon Jam.  At first glance this sounded a bit weird.  Then I read the suggestions - spread on a hamburger, on biscuits, on crackers with stinky cheese.  Look again. Always look again.

Isn't this crepe cake pretty?! I love this idea.

Just in case you can't read this, it says: chocolate peanut butter glazed banana bread cake. 

Mocha ice cream with biscotti crust, "e un espresso per favore", and I'm in heaven.

I honestly don't know which dessert to make first.  They all look so amazing.

They suggest pouring this chocolate maple fudge sauce over not only ice cream, but pancakes too.  Yes!

And of course, who can have breakfast without cocktails (???).

Breakfast for Dinner, From the lovely Lindsay and Taylor of love & olive oil, is on sale on February 12, 2013 but is available now for pre-order here.

Enjoy!  And come back and let me know your favorite recipe!



  1. Holy moly! Yum! Can I come home now please? I would like breakfast for dinner for the rest of my life...please and thank you

  2. bacon fried rice?! WHAT?! YES PLEASE! I am adding this book to my amazon wishlist.


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