Tuesday, March 19, 2013

lovely weekend

I had a lovely start to the weekend.  Friday night was fantastic!

My friend and her fiancé came over with our mothers and we talked the whole night of their wedding plans.  Less than 2 months away now!

We munched on cheese and fruit, and stuffed peppers, a gruyère and asparagus tart and opened a bottle of prosecco.  My table looked so pretty.  I wish I would've taken a couple photos, but between Friday night traffic, too much time spent apart and 2 puppies running around - hunger got the better of us and we dove right in.

Pretend it looked like this:

I swear it kinda did though. :)

Pacino loved playing with her 11-week old, 1 1/2 pound, maltipoo, Pippa.  I don't think he'd ever seen a dog smaller than him.  He's 4 lbs.  No photos there though, either. (Worst blogger ever)  They were adorable together though, trust me.

I gave my friend her bridal shower gifts early.  I had made her a few things for the wedding and I didn't want her to feel pressure to use them if they weren't her style.  If she did use them, I wasn't sure she'd want all the guests at the shower to have already seen them.

Place cards for her and her fiancé and a glittery sign for the dessert table 
that reads - Love is Dern Good. (Dern is her last name)

"Carpe Diem" framed with her wedding colors - in remembrance of her oldest brother.

She is still trying to decide on all white flowers vs. colorful flowers so I played around on pinterest and blogs and illustrator and did 2 mood boards for her.  Her colors are grey with bits of tiffany blue, aqua, mint.



Which color scheme do you like better?

I had big plans for Saturday and Sunday too: french macaron making, spring dress shopping at the Old Navy and GAP weekend sales, her bridal shower, cake tasting, food tasting, etc.  

Unfortunately, a migraine rendered me completely useless from Saturday to Monday afternoon.  
I had ONE glass of champagne, ONE.  And it felt like I'd been doing shots all night.  

Is it possible to be allergic to alcohol.  
I'm pretty sure they'll take away my wine country residency if it is.  

My mom ended up picking me and Pacino up Saturday evening where I laid on my parents couch for the next 24 hours alternating between an ice pack and a heating pad on my head, watching Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy try to figure out if they loved or hated each other and the Bluth family also trying to figure out if they loved or hated each other.  (How did Arrested Development get cancelled?!)

Does anyone else get migraines?  Any tips on preventing or relieving the pain?

Hope your weekend's were fun and pain-free!  



  1. I'm sorry about your migraine. That's a bummer. Also, Arrested Development was great, right?!

    Miss you.

  2. I love the place cards!


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