Wednesday, March 13, 2013

superhuman happiness

I haven't much felt like posting lately.  Stress baking, yes, but posting and reading 
and commenting blogs, no.

You see, there's some stuff my family is dealing with and as much as I'm trying not to let it, 
it's pretty much consuming my thoughts right now.

  (Apologies for the vague-ness.  I've always hated vague posts and swore I'd never write them, 
but the story isn't fully mine to share.)

Today I had to post.  

In the middle of all the craziness there is happiness - Superhuman Happiness.

My brother's band is in The Wall Street Journal.

That's my brother, second from the left. The article is about one of his bands, Superhuman Happiness. Read it here.  

A few months ago, they were also featured on the homepage of Rolling Stone's website.  

My favorite part from The Wall Street Journal article
"When I started making demos, I played them for all the major producers. They all passed," he recalled. "They said: 'You need a front man with a charismatic voice.'" But the members of Superhuman Happiness were convinced they have something special as they are.

"It's wonderful to feel creative rewards for being patient," Mr. Bogie said. "When you mean what you play, you're sending something out to the universe."

am so extremely proud of my brother.  There are not many people in this world who have the courage to do what they truly love.  He is so talented and so patient and so determined.  

A few weeks ago, this review was written about my brother:

"most guitarists plug into amplifiers. but after settling down at our table in the soft luminescence of club b10 at MASS MOCA, i slowly awakened to the reality that this electric guitar was plugged directly into the space-time continuum. had the concert begun already? were the gently swelling chords part of the show, or had they always been there from the beginning of time?
whatever their origin, these notes were not played; they were invoked. the soloist didn’t take the stage; he merely existed alongside the audience. he was a musician without ego, a sonic force without presence, a true rarity in the universe. i was experiencing the first stage of superhuman happiness; serenity." by christopher brownfield

In reference to this review, my brother said "finally someone who gets it". ;)


*check out more at


  1. Big CONGRATS to your brother...that's sooo exciting!

  2. Wow, what a review!
    So excited for your bro!


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