Friday, April 5, 2013

weekend {travel}

We're off to Savannah tonight for the a long weekend and then to Augusta next week for the Masters.

I'm looking forward to drinking sweet tea (and wine) on this porch and waking up to this breakfast:


This was me packing a few nights ago.

Please don't judge the disastrous state that my room is in. 

Does anyone else get distracted while packing and just start trying on random clothes?

I had thrown on my sweats for the packing process; then found my hat when I pulled out my suitcase; then stumbled upon one of my favorite blouses from London, that I hadn't seen in while.

For whatever reason I decided at that point that I should start breaking in my bridesmaid shoes.

Then I turned around and caught myself in the mirror.  I thanked my lucky stars that Dan wasn't at my house to witness this.  Then decided to post the photo on instagram.

It wasn't until after that I noticed Pacino in there too. :)

Have a lovely weekend!


P.S. This outfit did not come with me to Savannah. Check out Monday's post to see a few things that did.

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