Monday, August 19, 2013

That's my best friend

Over the weekend we attended a wedding of a dear friend of mine.  The wedding was beautiful and heart-felt and so so sweet.  My friend's young daughters walked her down the aisle and "helped" marry mommy.  It was too sweet. I absolutely loved every minute of it.

{The best wedding program I've seen.}

A funny thing happened at the wedding.  My best friend was in the wedding party.  
We were chatting during the reception and she told me that one of the groomsmen had asked the bride about me.  I guess he wanted an introduction.  The bride told him that he was too late; that I was getting married in a month.  My best friend told me it made her happy and she wanted to lean in and say, "that's my best friend."

The funny thing is, earlier that evening at the ceremony as I watched all of the bridesmaids walk down the aisle, as soon I saw Amanda, (she looked absolutely radiant!), I smiled and proudly thought the same thing: "that's my best friend." 

{Darin & Amanda - married 10+ years and the first wedding I had the privilege of being a part of}

I got teary-eyed at that moment. Maybe it was because I was picturing Amanda standing next to me in just a few weeks, at my upcoming wedding, or maybe because it was through Amanda that I became such good friends with the bride who looked so beautiful and so extremely happy on her wedding day.  

Either way I am so incredibly thankful for this beautiful girl, inside and out, and being able to call her my best friend.


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