Friday, January 27, 2012

Airport Love

We're on our way to Arizona for a quick weekend trip.  And I am so excited for the weekend we have planned.  But first, we get to go to the airport!

I love the airport.  I know that's a very weird statement to probably most everyone out there.  But there's something so exciting about the airport for me.  All the possibilities!  So many places to go!

I dream about one day waking up and heading to the airport spontaneously and jumping on a place to go somewhere, anywhere.

I'm not immune to the crowds or anything.  Or to the sometimes unfriendly staff or the long lines at security, but somehow I still feel like a wide-eyed little kid whenever I'm headed there.  People have told me that the more I'm travel the less I'll feel that way.  But I feel like I've travelled a bit, for work and for play.  It hasn't gone away yet and I really hope it doesn't.  I kinda like that I can enjoy all the little parts of the trip.

I love the plane ride.  I know, now I've lost everyone completely.  Maybe it's just me, but I love the anonymity of the flight.  Sitting there curled up in my extra large cashmere scarf, (a special gift from my aunt when I moved to London), a new book or magazine that I treated myself to.  In less than a day I'm in a new place.  It doesn't get any better than that.  Especially when family or friends are on the other side.
Enjoy the weekend!


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