Friday, January 20, 2012

Rainy Days

Finally!  It's starting to rain here, like ferociously rain.

Which means... there's snow in Tahoe! Yay!  I love the snow.  And the rain. But only if it means I get to stay inside all cozy and curled up, with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, a stack of magazines, a good book (I need choices) and my puppy and boyfriend close by.

Today, though, I did have to drive into work.  The huge downfall with the rain (no pun intended) is that people have absolutely no idea how to drive in this weather.  Maybe this is just Californians, liked we're shocked by a season change or something.  But please please drive safe!

The rainy day upside though is that I get to wear my new cozy sweater, a Christmas present from my boyfriends parents and my rain boots (yay!), a last year Christmas present that I barely got to use.  They are so cute, last year I pretty much just wore them around the house 'cause I love them so much and it wouldn't rain and people would have looked at me a bit strangely in the 70 degree weather. :)

Happy Friday!  Have a fabulous weekend!


*images via pinterest - man, i love that site


  1. Oh, you would be horrified if you woke up to the snow here this morning! I won't be driving in it, (I have a mini cooper). I love a good snowstorm or rainstorm if I don't have to leave the house. It's the perfect excuse to cuddle up with a good book or great movie and relax.

    I always wanted to see Northern CA. I imagine it to be beautiful! xo

  2. I live in San Diego myself, so happy to have gotten rain this weekend.

  3. i love rainy days - and new cozy sweaters! :)

  4. Love rainy and snowy days myself. Especially when you have nothing to do :) Hope you had a great weekend!


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