Monday, January 16, 2012

My Favorite Green Salad

I know, I know. Green salad doesn't sound very exciting at all.  It's usually that side that you don't really want to order but you do just because it's healthier than french fries and only seems to come with tasteless tomatoes and cucumbers.  But I'm always looking for new salad combinations, which sounds like it should be the easiest thing, but somehow isn't.  This is so flavorful and so yummy, I really haven't been able to stop eating it.  And it's such a great base for any other things you want to throw in.  They don't have to be green :)

serves 2
- 2 small heads of butter lettuce
- 1/2 of an avocado
- 1/2 of a cucumber
- 1/2 cup of shelled edamame (prepared according to package directions)
- 1 green onion/scallion (whites and greens - I usually just use kitchen scissors and snip it over the top)

For the dressing:
- balsamic vinegar
- whole grain mustard
- olive oil
- salt

Wash everything, chop everything, and toss.  I like easy :)  For the dressing, I didn't put any amounts because it's completely to taste and impossible to mess up.  I'm not a huge fan of a wet salad so I never put much dressing on.   I use a good amount of whole grain mustard (my favorite is Maille) and lots of balsamic.  And then just add a bit of really good olive oil and salt.

We made this for dinner last night with spaghetti squash and herbs - found here, but without the nuts.  Next time I think I'll try adding with sauteed mushrooms and maybe spinach.  No meat, no carbs and he still loved it!  (Although he may have had a couple of slices of a french baguette.)  We opened a bottle of pinot as well - found here.  This is an essential bottle of wine to have on hand. 

This would also be super yummy with a soy sauce based dressing and some seared ahi, if you wanted to give it some more substance.  I've also nixed the edamame and done chickpeas instead.  Tomatoes and mozzarella are delicious with it too.   Enjoy!


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  1. in. love!!!!!! Green is my favorite color so obv I want to dive right into this!! =)


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