Wednesday, January 25, 2012

San Francisco Restoration Hardware

I had to work this weekend, but I'm not sure I really get to complain since I got to do it at the Restoration Hardware Design Gallery in San Francisco.  It was my first time there, and unfortunately my sad iPhone photos do not do it justice at all.  The place is amazing.  I was ready to move in on the spot.

  This sofa belongs in my home.
 As does this chair.  So perfectly gorgeous.
 I love the huge, open clock on the wall.  I'm still trying to decide if I can pull it off in my house.  (FYI - I lack the cathedral ceilings that this space has.)

 I may have a small obsession with chandeliers.



  1. I would have a love affair with those chandeliers!

  2. LOVE RH. I could go in there and buy the entire store if I had the funds. xo

  3. I would love to go there! I can't even tell you how many hours of my life I've spent in that store :) xoxo


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