Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Movie Night

Last night was a rare night where I had left work at a reasonable hour and had no plans and nothing to do.  After being gone for over a week, it felt so good just walking through the door of my own house.  And sleeping in my own bed - I love my bed.  

A huge stack of magazines greeted me and I plopped myself down in front of the TV and put on a movie - Meet Joe Black. I've seen it before. I own it.  But I rarely watch it.  I forgot how much I love this movie.  Don't you love when you fall in love with something all over again?

Maybe it was Anthony Hopkins accent or Brad Pitt's gorgeousness (or perhaps the screenplay writers), but I just completely ate up every line of the movie.

My favorite:

image via 


  1. I have movies like that as well. Sometimes they are just collecting dust and you pop them in only to remember why you bought it and loved it so much in the first place! xo

  2. i love that picture. it looks like the south of france..makes me want to be


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