Friday, March 30, 2012

Parisian Snack

{I guess this is a week of food for me.}

Now I don't really know if this is a Parisian snack, or un goûté, as they would call it.  But this is what I snacked on when I was living in Paris.  

And perhaps it's because I'm in the midst of planning a trip to Paris and because we're buying the plane tickets today (!!!), but in the afternoons I've been sitting down with a crusty baguette (it almost compares to the ones from the parisian boulangeries) and a few small bits of really good chocolate.

 That, and day-dreaming about the musee d'orsay, and the tuileries gardens and walking down avenue montaigne, has just made my afternoons a little bit sweeter.   

{Life is full of small pleasures}

Hope your weekend is full of small pleasures.



  1. ahhh, fresh bread and chocolate. Two of the best things you can find in any grocery store here in Switzerland, as well. Simple pleasures are often the best, aren't they?

    1. Switzerland is wonderful for that too!

  2. Crusty warm bread sounds delicious, maybe with some figs and brie


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