Friday, August 3, 2012

Baking Geek

So I kind of geeked out on my room-mate a few nights ago.  I saw this recipe on Bakerella and it looked so easy and I had everything in my kitchen, so I went for it.  

While I was making it, I started talking about baking and how amazing it is to me.  I think she might have thought I was a bit nuts.  But I absolutely adore baking.  

When you make dinner, let's say you start with chicken, potatoes and vegetables.  When you finish, you end up with chicken, potatoes and vegetables; granted they're much more delicious than when you started but they haven't actually changed form or anything.  

But baking, you start with flour, sugar, baking powder, among other things.  
And when you finish you can have all this:
clockwise: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

I think it's just amazing.  
{geeking out a bit, sorry}

I made Chocolate Morning Biscuits using Bakerella's recipe {here}, slightly modifying it by splitting the flour 50-50 between white and whole wheat flour {for health purposes of course, no one wants to eat an unhealthy chocolate morning biscuit}.  

  • Substitute 2 cups of all-purpose flour for 1 cup all-purpose flour and 1 cup whole wheat flour.  You won't be able to taste the difference.
  • If you don't have unsalted butter, salted butter is fine, just don't add the salt the recipe calls for or use a bit less.
  • I don't have a pastry cutter, so I used  my fingers to work the cold butter into the dry ingredients.  It worked perfectly. 
  • I also don't have a pastry brush so I dipped a paper towel in the egg wash {optional topping} and rubbed it on the rolls before putting them in the oven.  {This is called ghetto baking.}
  • When chopping up the chocolate, you want a good mix of super fine pieces and large pieces.  The fine one's turn all melty and gooey in the oven and the large ones will be big chunks throughout.  Yum!
  • I used dark chocolate but if you wanted them a bit sweeter, milk chocolate would be fine too.
  • These were best eaten right from the oven.  Definitely serve warm. And with butter {you used whole wheat flour, it's fine.}
Start to finish this recipe took me about about 30 minutes.  Perfect for friends or parents stopping by.  And it makes your house smell wonderful!

These weren't too sweet {very chocolatey, but not too sweet}.  It was perfect with my morning coffee.  The recipe was so easy and all of the ingredients were typical things I have on hand, it will definitely become one of my staple recipes, maybe with a few variations next time.



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