Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NYC Subway Station - dekalb {Music Giveaway}

This a photo of my brother standing next to a photo of himself in a New York subway station.  

He was walking through the subway station and glanced over and saw a photo of himself on the wall.  Shocking, right?!

Apparently a photographer took a photo of him while on the train a while back and his work is being featured in the station.  There's no way to really tell when the photo was taken since he frequently wears a black tee-shirt with black pants, as you can see.

My brother is an amazing musician in New York.  Check out his websites here and here.  He plays the guitar and the piano but he can pretty much pick up any stringed instrument and play it.  He's really quite extraordinary.  

{Actually what's really extraordinary is how he completely took all the artistic genes and I got all the analytical ones. lol}

My brother's offering free music downloads to anyone who shares the photo on facebook or takes a picture with it in the subway station and posts it.  See more details here.  Click here to for some of his work.


**Please excuse this shameless plug of my brother, but he's amazing and I love him and he doesn't know I'm posting this.  I think it would be kind of cool to surprise him with a whole bunch of facebook "sharing" from some cute blogging ladies {I'm assuming most readers are women - sorry guys, if you're out there! - I'm sure he'd love your fb shares too!}


  1. How awesome! That must have been amazing for him! Off to check out his music now. And no need to apologize. I'm all about shameless family plugs. I'm sure you have a lot to be proud of :) xoxo

  2. That is too cool! I would shout it from the rooftops if it was my brother. So neat!


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