Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Making amends

I should hang this saying someplace in my home.  
It's definitely something I need to remember.

This week has been a bit about making amends for me.  Which can be really hard sometimes.  It's the swallowing my pride part that can be tough for me.  And getting over my hurt feelings and making the first move to break the silence.

I don't think this means let yourself get walked all over just to keep the peace.  But I do think it's saying think about how important whatever it is that's come between you, and how important that person is to you, and to your life, and decide which is more important.  

I'm curious, how do you usually make amends?  Is it face to face, or over the phone?  Or writing an email or letter?


*image via - if anyone knows who the original source is, please let me know so I can credit.  thanks!


  1. I'm definitely more the be happy person. I swallow my pride a lot for peace :)

  2. I'm pretty good about apologizing and making amends (after I've exasperated my stubborn streak). Any way you apologize, reach out is better than not reaching out at all! xo

  3. I used to have to always be right and then I learned that sometimes it's not worth it. Now I make amends.


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