Friday, January 27, 2012

Airport Love

We're on our way to Arizona for a quick weekend trip.  And I am so excited for the weekend we have planned.  But first, we get to go to the airport!

I love the airport.  I know that's a very weird statement to probably most everyone out there.  But there's something so exciting about the airport for me.  All the possibilities!  So many places to go!

I dream about one day waking up and heading to the airport spontaneously and jumping on a place to go somewhere, anywhere.

I'm not immune to the crowds or anything.  Or to the sometimes unfriendly staff or the long lines at security, but somehow I still feel like a wide-eyed little kid whenever I'm headed there.  People have told me that the more I'm travel the less I'll feel that way.  But I feel like I've travelled a bit, for work and for play.  It hasn't gone away yet and I really hope it doesn't.  I kinda like that I can enjoy all the little parts of the trip.

I love the plane ride.  I know, now I've lost everyone completely.  Maybe it's just me, but I love the anonymity of the flight.  Sitting there curled up in my extra large cashmere scarf, (a special gift from my aunt when I moved to London), a new book or magazine that I treated myself to.  In less than a day I'm in a new place.  It doesn't get any better than that.  Especially when family or friends are on the other side.
Enjoy the weekend!


*images via google

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

San Francisco Restoration Hardware

I had to work this weekend, but I'm not sure I really get to complain since I got to do it at the Restoration Hardware Design Gallery in San Francisco.  It was my first time there, and unfortunately my sad iPhone photos do not do it justice at all.  The place is amazing.  I was ready to move in on the spot.

  This sofa belongs in my home.
 As does this chair.  So perfectly gorgeous.
 I love the huge, open clock on the wall.  I'm still trying to decide if I can pull it off in my house.  (FYI - I lack the cathedral ceilings that this space has.)

 I may have a small obsession with chandeliers.


Monday, January 23, 2012

South of France

One of my must-do's in life is to rent a place in the South of France for a summer.  Ideally, I'd love to have a summer home there someday, but I would be thrilled for a very extended vacation.

The French are known to have this effortlessly chic style, which I absolutely adore.  From what I've seen though, it's anything but effortless.  It's deliberate and well-thought out, and only appears to be effortless.  It's one of the great many french paradoxes, like taking the most vacation but still being one of the worlds super powers, or having the richest and creamiest food, but having the lowest heart disease.  IT truly is dumbfounding, and enviable!

This weekend I finally managed to sit down with the newest issue of Elle Decor.  The summer home of Inés de la Fressange was featured and it truly was the epitome of french style.  In my opinion, it was exactly how a summer home in the South of France should look.

At my first look I loved the architecture of the home and the simple white palette, with black accents (my favorite colors - in decor and fashion).  My first thought though was that it seemed a bit bare, but then I realized that if I was leaving my city life behind for a couple of months that it's exactly the kind of place I'd like to be.  In the short article, Inés is quoted saying, "decor has a great deal in common with fashion.  You have to have several basic pieces, just as in a wardrobe - furniture that resists passing trends. Then you add accessories - a vase, a rug - that play the role of a belt around a dress or sweater."  It sounds so simple.  And the result comes together looking so simple.  But in between there are so many well-placed decisions.

It's easy to imagine yourself coming in from a leisurely bike ride down to the sea and kicking off your shoes and relaxing in the living room:

I love the stairs here.  It opens the space up so much you don't realize how small it really is:

The kitchen was probably my favorite shot.  I could definitely see myself coming in from the local market and chopping up vegetables here for a lunchtime salad, or having my morning café at the counter.

Just dreaming of France, as usual...


All images from Elle Decor - full article here

Friday, January 20, 2012

Rainy Days

Finally!  It's starting to rain here, like ferociously rain.

Which means... there's snow in Tahoe! Yay!  I love the snow.  And the rain. But only if it means I get to stay inside all cozy and curled up, with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, a stack of magazines, a good book (I need choices) and my puppy and boyfriend close by.

Today, though, I did have to drive into work.  The huge downfall with the rain (no pun intended) is that people have absolutely no idea how to drive in this weather.  Maybe this is just Californians, liked we're shocked by a season change or something.  But please please drive safe!

The rainy day upside though is that I get to wear my new cozy sweater, a Christmas present from my boyfriends parents and my rain boots (yay!), a last year Christmas present that I barely got to use.  They are so cute, last year I pretty much just wore them around the house 'cause I love them so much and it wouldn't rain and people would have looked at me a bit strangely in the 70 degree weather. :)

Happy Friday!  Have a fabulous weekend!


*images via pinterest - man, i love that site

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cafe del Soul

If you happen to find yourself just north of San Francisco, you have to go here:

I would not consider myself a health-nut by any sort of California standard and the menu could look a bit "hippie" to some.  But the food is delicious!  I had the chipotle sunrise wrap today and I will be headin' back tomorrow.

And a little added goodness:
"Made with Love"


I've definitely been looking for something pretty to organize all my necklaces and bracelets.  I have to be able to see what I have otherwise it just never gets worn.  Is that just me?  Right now, they're all laid out across my dresser but I know myself, it's not going to stay pretty for long.

I love the whole pretty bowls in a drawer look.  (I'll go for anything that makes me need more bowls, I have a slight obsession!)  Except that I only have 2 bathroom drawers, one's for make-up and one for 'other'. We don't look in the 'other'.
The bust is an interesting idea. I just don't think I like somebody else's big head in my bathroom.

But I found these at Pottery Barn and I think they're exactly what I've been looking for. So pretty and so simple.  Just what I like.

But of course when browsing, I saw this tree, which I am absolutely in love with.  But I feel like 
there's a very good chance that as soon as I put more than the 5 objects they show on it, it's going 
to look like a hot mess, with a lot less hot.  


Monday, January 16, 2012

My Favorite Green Salad

I know, I know. Green salad doesn't sound very exciting at all.  It's usually that side that you don't really want to order but you do just because it's healthier than french fries and only seems to come with tasteless tomatoes and cucumbers.  But I'm always looking for new salad combinations, which sounds like it should be the easiest thing, but somehow isn't.  This is so flavorful and so yummy, I really haven't been able to stop eating it.  And it's such a great base for any other things you want to throw in.  They don't have to be green :)

serves 2
- 2 small heads of butter lettuce
- 1/2 of an avocado
- 1/2 of a cucumber
- 1/2 cup of shelled edamame (prepared according to package directions)
- 1 green onion/scallion (whites and greens - I usually just use kitchen scissors and snip it over the top)

For the dressing:
- balsamic vinegar
- whole grain mustard
- olive oil
- salt

Wash everything, chop everything, and toss.  I like easy :)  For the dressing, I didn't put any amounts because it's completely to taste and impossible to mess up.  I'm not a huge fan of a wet salad so I never put much dressing on.   I use a good amount of whole grain mustard (my favorite is Maille) and lots of balsamic.  And then just add a bit of really good olive oil and salt.

We made this for dinner last night with spaghetti squash and herbs - found here, but without the nuts.  Next time I think I'll try adding with sauteed mushrooms and maybe spinach.  No meat, no carbs and he still loved it!  (Although he may have had a couple of slices of a french baguette.)  We opened a bottle of pinot as well - found here.  This is an essential bottle of wine to have on hand. 

This would also be super yummy with a soy sauce based dressing and some seared ahi, if you wanted to give it some more substance.  I've also nixed the edamame and done chickpeas instead.  Tomatoes and mozzarella are delicious with it too.   Enjoy!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Paris Weekend

Happy Weekend!
I would like to go here this weekend,
eat these,

and drink this.
I'm just putting that out into the universe and gonna see what happens.

(P.S. Universe - it can be any weekend!)


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have a bit of christmas money that I am dying to spend on the items below.  Now just to decide which ones!

Is it just me or has jcrew really stepped it up?  I remember always kind of liking their stuff but now I find I've got something from there on my wishlist all the time.  

I've been a bit slow catching on to the skinny jean trend.  Paige skyline is a great straight leg jean without being too skinny for me.  A perfect compromise! 

This book has been on my wishlist for awhile and with all the good reviews it's a definite buy.  Anything about Paris and I'm usually a quick sell.  I miss it all the time.  And it's by Inès de la Fressange? Done. 

I am loving all of the rose gold that is coming out!  There's something so classic with the roman numerals on the face. 

I am (very) slowly decorating my new home and I'm thinking that this ($20!) c&b rug will be perfect at the front door or in the kitchen.

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

San Francisco Saturday night

It was amazing in San Francisco today. I love California winters. :)

We saw Mission Impossible 4 at the IMAX. It kinda gave me the travel bug which is strange since every city they were in people tried to kill them. But the shots of Dubai, Mumbai, Budapest, (and SF too!) were amazing.

We had dinner after at Bourbon Steak. Highly recommended! It started with:

trio of fries and dipping sauces instead of bread
And ended with:

warm beignets with bourbon caramel sauce.

Fabulous night with my love


Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Friday!

It’s the first Friday of 2012, which sounds like a fantastic reason to celebrate!

Except all I really want to do is get home, get in comfies and pour though the stack of magazines anxiously waiting for me. 

Somehow I don't think Pacino will mind. :)


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sequin Sweater

The picture definitely does not do it justice, but I saw this sweater in a store window yesterday when I was out getting coffee. I know it's after New Years and maybe sequins should be over, but it caught my eye and I couldn't help but go back.  You can probably see it better in the grey color but in-person the white is amazing.  The sequins were so subtle and with the sheer fabric it actually had a bit more summery feel than you would think.  I was pretty surprised when I looked up and saw that it was the Tommy Bahama window.  Maybe it sounds odd, but sometimes when I'm out shopping I'll see something cute and then I'll see the brand and end up putting back. I guess brand marketing works both ways.  Not that there's anything wrong with Tommy Bahama, don't get me wrong.  It's just not a store I would think to go in if I was out shopping for myself.  I may be back for that sweater though. :)


Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years 2012

It's turned into a bit of a tradition to spend New Years up in Tahoe. With absolutely no snow this year, skiing wasn't possible. Just friends, good food, great drinks and gorgeous scenery.

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