Monday, July 15, 2013

Brunch for the girls

When Dan and I made the decision to stop planning our large wedding and instead have an intimate 14 person celebration, I knew I wanted to make sure and do something special with my girlfriends to celebrate.

I figured that I wouldn't have a bridal shower since our guest list is so small, but instead decided to throw my own bridal brunch at my house, with the amazing help of my maid of honor (and best friend of 17 years!) and my mom and aunt.  When you want to throw a party, these are the women you call!

The guest list wasn't too large.  I invited 20 of my most favorite people in the world, literally,
from all around the world.

I knew not all would make it, but I wanted them all to know they were wanted there and would be missed (I'm talking to you, Lo!).

We had a lot to celebrate - two friends have babies on the way, five of us are getting married (or got married) this year, and two engagements this year.  There are a few other causes for celebration, but those are still under wraps ;) Plus any day that we can all find a few hours to get together is cause for celebration.

I am not the best hostess.  I get stressed and nervous and want everything to go right and everyone to have fun. I love planning everything and I love having everyone over but the hours just before a party, there's always butterflies in my stomach. 

With the help of my amazing mother and aunt and my best friend, the day was everything I had hoped for.  I've been teary-eyed every time I start thinking about it.  I honestly can't believe that I'm lucky enough to know such wonderful people.

We were so busy eating, drinking and chatting, I never picked up my camera.  I have just a few photos while we were setting up.


I feel so blessed to have such amazing women in my life. 

I've known both these girls for 20 years.

 (I can't believe I'm old enough to say that.)

I got the sweetest cards from everyone and even though I told them not to, some people brought gifts.

The sweetest gift:
Two years ago, my friend received these slipper/shoes as kind of a joke gift at her bridal shower.  I loved them! And may have even tried them on right there in the middle of her shower. She thought they were absolutely ridiculous.  Apparently, she boxed them right up and has been saving them for me ever since.  

These may be my wedding shoes. 
(I'm not kidding.)

My perfect weekend: 
Saturday - arranging flowers and baking all day with my mom, aunt and best friend
Sunday - sitting in the sun all afternoon, drinking a mimosa with some of the most amazing women I know.


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  1. Im so sorry I missed your bridal brunch!!! All the girls said how fun and elegant it was. I owe you drinks and hugs when I come home!


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