Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lentils and roasted vegetables

I saw this recipe on Sacramento Street last week and immediately pinned it.  
I think I've pinned all of Caitlin's "On the Menu" posts and made quite a few of them.  They've all been delicious!

Apparently everyone that I follow did the same because it kept popping up in my feed.
Then I saw it in a few linked posts as well.  I figured I had to try it.  
(I think I just discovered the basic principle of advertising).

While I was making it, I definitely had a few moments where I thought "there's no way this is turning out".  Add to that I was making it for my future mother-in-law who is an amazing cook and I was a bit stressed.

I'm a very good baker, an okay cook, but not a food stylist in anyway. So bear with me here.


I feel like this could be one of those "nailed it" posts on pinterest. But I don't mind because it was delicious - delicious enough that we had it the next night too.

Notes on the recipe:
- 2 cups makes a lot of lentils - a lot more veggies can be added than what's listed in the recipe
- I added herbs de provence on the veggies before roasting and cooked them 20min, flipping them part way through so they browned on both sides and didn't dry out

We served it with an arugula salad that had dried cranberries, parmesan, pomegranate balsamic and a bit of olive oil.  Perfection.


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