Monday, July 22, 2013

Dessert bar

Starting the week off right with dessert!

When Dan and I started planning, we each picked something that was really important to us for us to have at the wedding.  Dan wanted to be married in the catholic church and I wanted a dessert bar. No, seriously. I think it says a lot about us. 

Now that we're not having a traditional sort of wedding day and reception, the dessert bar had to go.  But I decided to incorporate it into the bridal brunch.

I wanted to do some sort of favors for my friends as well, but since I'm currently moving, I've come to discover how much stuff we can accumulate.  I decided edible favors would be much for fun and wouldn't take up any lasting space in anyone's home.  Plus I love to bake.

The day before the brunch, we made four types of cookies and some candy. 

Peanut butter dreams (a secret family recipe).  It's pretty much peanut butter chocolate heaven - 100 times better than a reese's peanut butter cup.


1. Salted toffee chocolate chunk (aka crack cookies)

4. French macarons - almond with vanilla buttercream 
Cookie recipe from here. We tripled it twice (I don't know how else to say six times.)
Vanilla buttercream from Miette's recipe book.  Can you tell I love the Miette book?

Note - it was hot outside when we were making these so the batter was a bit more runny than usual - which is how we got some pretty large ones there. After refrigerating the batter for a bit, it was much easier to use with the pastry bag.

Amanda was pretty sure we had way to many cookies (she's not a baker).  She thought we had too much champagne too, but my friends proved her wrong on both accounts!


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