Friday, July 26, 2013

photo editing

I'm not great at photo editing.  I have photoshop on my Mac for work, but it's not completely user friendly.  I've googled tutorials but haven't put enough effort in to really learn it.

So I usually end up using iPhoto for most of my editing. Even without being a seasoned pro I can tell it's very limiting.  I use "Enhance" and then I play around with the adjustments, particularly the contrast and definition.  I know, it's very technical.

But no more!

One of my favorite blogs, lark & linen, recently posted photos from her trip to the amalfi coast (my next dream vacay).  Her photos are gorgeous!  Like I want to move right in.

This week Jaclyn so graciously did a tutorial post on our she edits her photos in photoshop, complete with a link to free actions from WishWishWish.  I feel like it's Christmas! 

I followed the tutorial on a few of my Paris photos and they turned out beautifully!  Since I'm not great at photoshop, I did have to google a couple things in her instructions, but it was fairly easy even for a beginner like me.

Here are the before and afters.

Straight from the camera:
{no laughing! - I have trouble holding the camera straight. I need to stop using the screen and use the viewfinder more.}

iPhoto edits:
Definitely better, but still dark.

Photoshop edits {by lark & linen} :
Amazing.  It's the Paris I dream about.

Thank you Jaclyn and Carrie!  You've made my life so much prettier :)


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