Monday, January 14, 2013

downton abbey {weekend}

I don't have cable.  If I watch tv it's either onDemand at Dan's house or netflix at my parents.  Last year I watched season one of downton abbey on netflix and was hooked.  

Last week I saw this photo on a blog and knew I had to get caught up with seasons two and three.  

This weekend I watched all of season two, which didn't seem that bad until I figured out that that was nine hours of television plus the 2 hour season three premiere.  

I'm not ashamed (well, maybe just a bit).  But it was wonderful.  I sat on my parents couch in my big comfy sweater (a Christmas present from Dan's parents) with a hot cup of tea and fell even more in love with Downton. 

As much as I love the characters and the storyline and the gorgeous clothes, I think what I love most is the gorgeous shots of the english countryside and the beautiful camera angles.  

I don't really know much about "the industry", so I'm not sure who to credit: director, producer, camera man, etc.  But some of the shots are so gorgeous I can't take my eyes off the screen.  The snow scene above is one of my favorites.

And when Mary and Matthew are dancing and the camera is spinning around them.

While watching I was reminded of those award shows, where I always got bored through the awards for best score and best cinematography and best set design. (Maybe I've matured?!)  But those elements add so much to this show.  I don't think I would be as entranced without them.

I love the shots where the background or foreground is blurred.  It's so beautiful and always comes at the perfect time.

via - spoiler!

I'm not sure the exact term for it, but I love the mix of close up and wide camera shots and especially those of the english countryside. 

 Although I think they've exaggerated those blue skies a bit.  I don't remember those much when I lived in England.

If someone could make a planet earth dvd of downton abbey, I would be sold!



  1. James and I are OBSESSED with Downton! Maggie Smith and Shirley MacLaine are both DIVINE!!

    1. James watches too?! I wouldn't have expected that. I LOVE Maggie Smith - she's hilarious! And I was so happy to see Shirley MacLaine in Season 3.


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